Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Art of Making Lunch

My son loves his snacks. But lately, he's not been that great at eating his lunch. So I bought these fantastic sandwich cutters from Lunch Punch that cut sandwiches to look like a train, airplane, truck and a car. Decorate the plate accordingly with flowers, birds and whatever suits the motif, and voila - I have a lunch eater! Actually, it wasn't as easy as that. We had to drop the morning snack, too.

My masterpieces:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich shaped like a car; carrots as birds; dried apricots as flowers; green peppers as stems and leaves.

Carrots as hair; leftover purple potatoes as ears; leftover fingerling potato as nose; grilled onion (originally cooked with potatoes) as eyebrows; cucumbers as eyes; tomatoes as lips; leftover chicken as teeth; dried cherries as tongue sticking out (I am told he ate that first).

Avocado and cheese sandwich cut as airplane and clouds (I sorta messed up the clouds but he couldn't tell); carrots and strawberries as flowers; pomegranate seeds as pollen; sliced cucumber as grass and stems.

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