Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animal Stacks

The idea of getting a Noah's Ark-style toy for my son has always appealed to me. Not for religious reasons but because what kid doesn't love animals and boats. But the wooden ones are pretty pricey and none of the plastic ones tickled my fancy. And then I saw this one by Tier Toys. The brilliance is that the boat itself is a stacker; each level houses four animals in a puzzle-type fashion; it doubles as a pull toy because it's got wheels on the bottom (though the wheels don't turn all that well); and the plastic is BPA and phthalate free. My son loves the animals and putting them in their homes and/or lining them up on the deck of the boat. It is such a great toy, and I cannot recommend enough! There is also a barnyard stacker, a pet house stacker, and a sea x-plorer.

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