Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enjoying the Unplanned

My husband went away for one night this weekend, so it was just me and the kiddo. Woke up on Monday morning (President's Day) and thought it would be a great day for a hike. So we ate breakfast, bundled up, and drove to Griffith Park. I took no snacks because I figured we would be gone for an hour or two and be back in time for snack. We hiked, climbed up tree stumps, grabbed milk and coffee from Trails Cafe, inspected the bark on the trees, looked at the different shades of green on all the various leaves, and watched the (tiny) waterfalls from the recent rains. We have been reading the book "Are You My Mother" lately, so when we also saw some "baby" birds, the search began for the Snort (an excavator that places the baby bird back on the tree). We were having such a good time, that I decided it would be fun to head over to the ponies and trains. So we did. Two pony rides (huge accomplishment because this is the first time my son would actually get on the ponies and happily ride them), a train ride, a simulator ride (huge disappointment), and a snort-sighting later (yes, we saw THE snort), we were spent and it was time to go home.

I write about this because I don't want to ever forget this morning. It was pure bliss notwithstanding that my husband was not there. It makes me all teary eyed because I had such an incredible time talking to and wandering through nature with my son. And I could see what a sponge he is and how he soaks in all the information. It was also liberating because this was our first excursion that was completely unplanned and impromptu. I planned nothing and I planned for nothing. I had no snacks, no just-in-case toys. Just a couple diapers and wipes. And it was beautiful!

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